How to Take Fire Training to the Next Level

How to Take Fire Training to the Next Level

Whether running a volunteer firefighting team or an in-house group, the firefighters are only going to be able to perform as well as they have been trained to do. Fire training on an advanced level can be hard to come by because many of these places just do not have the money in the budget. In order for the team to remain effective, it is essential to refresh and stimulate firefighting ideas.

Repeating the same fire training drills and videos time and time again is not only boring, it is also ineffective after a while. To improve on the abilities of your team, you may need to look other ways to come up with new techniques and technologies. There are resources available that can be used both in the classroom and out in the field that are reasonably easy to obtain if you just know where to look.

One idea for communities that are located fairly close together is grouping your resources. You can take the available funds from several different departments and create a sort of mobile learning facility. You get all the training materials you want to keep your fire training up-to-date and share them between each of the different fire stations.

There are several different fire training products that can be combined to create a state-of-the-art training facility that any firefighter would love to learn from. One prop that is out there is one that allows for realistic, safe, and cost-effective training in several different scenarios. Firefighters can learn what to do on pitched or flat roofs, they can train in forced entry, or discover overhead door cuts.

Another training device provides an interior structure that contains both power and fuel with only a water source required for safety. The smoke that is emitted is non-toxic so trainees can get close to the situation and get a better idea of what happens during a real fire emergency. The goal is to better prepare your team with advanced training tools.

If you think your department needs assistance in learning more about search-and-rescue or confined space scenarios, there are props out there that can create these situations as well. These are available in municipal, industrial, airport, and marine forms. This product can be set up in an hour or less and the tool has a minimum 15-year life-span making it worth the investment.

An essential part of taking fire training up a notch within your department is keeping an effective record of what is happening. You should keep track of who has done what training to be sure that everyone is up to speed and working in unison while out on the field. Here you can also let people know what forms of training are going to be coming up, so they can get prepared for what is next.

Finally, every department is required to stay current on all the hazmat and OSHA standards. These are parts of the training that can consistently change. However, the problem is, many fire stations do not have the funds to put all of their people through a formal training class. With today’s technologies, there are now other options.

One of the most popular options for keeping up with class type training for firefighters now is taking the courses online. There are many sites out there that offer all the information necessary that fire stations need to remain in compliance. The individual team members can sit down at a computer on their own time and complete all the written details at their own pace.

In many instances, fire training that is done online is provided free of charge. This is the ideal option for stations that do not have a large budget available for training.

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