WoW Macro Addon – Pros And Cons

WoW Macro Addon – Pros And Cons

WoW Macro Addon – Pros And Cons

-WoW Macro Addon – Pros And Cons

Classes in World of Warcraft have a lot of abilities. That makes it pretty hard to play a class efficiently because you have to press a lot of buttons. That, in turn, means that you waste precious seconds going from one part of the keyboard to the other. So how do you play faster when you have to hit a lot of buttons? You combine more abilities into one single button with a WoW macro addon.

Macros can be used for a very large variety of tasks. You can add a sequence of spells into a single macro. These will then fire in the order you have set, each time you tap the macro button. You can even have several abilities fire one after the other by just pressing the macro button once. There are even more complex macros that allow you to cast both beneficial and harmful spells depending on what you have targeted.

It’s ironic though, a macro will make things a lot easier for a player, but they are generally hard to make. This is because people think that you need some special type of language to one. The type of commands used in a macro are very straight forward. For example, if you want to target a friendly and alive player, you simply add [help, nodead] in your command line. That being said:

Here are the Pros to why you should use a WoW macro addon.

  • You will always have up-to-date macros for your character. The biggest problem with looking on the Internet for macros is that you usually find older ones.
  • With an addon, you can find complete sets of macros for any class and any talent builds. You won’t have to go fishing for macros you need on the web.
  • The macros will help you become faster in the game because of their nature. Working macros will benefit any player a great deal in any situation.
  • A macro is only as good as the spells you wish to add to them. A WoW macro addon will give you the best combos to add to your macros so that you will never lose a fight again because of lack of speed.

Here are the Cons to why you should think twice before using a WoW macro addon.

  • You will need to have the same talent builds and trinkets that others players use in order for the macros to work. If you have a talent build that isn’t a recognized one, you’ll find that many of the macros you get won’t work.
  • Many macros use scripts as well. If you have a lower performance computer, you might experience some FPS lag issues when you use a longer macro that has a lot of scripts.
  • The good WoW macro addons aren’t usually free. So you will have to pay to get the best ones.

If you are to weigh the good and bad parts of having a WoW macro addon, I think that you’ll realize that it is worth it. Using macros is the next step in improving yourself as a player.

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